Bright and Facety

Join me for more conversations on life as I know it on my brand new podcast, Bright and Facety! It’s lighthearted and a genuine good time. Bright and Facety is currently available on Anchor and Spotify.

Ep 006 | Body Goals Bright and Facety

Episode Name: Body Goals Takiyah invites childhood friend and curvy girl Angelika to talk body image for plus sized girls. It gets emotional (xx) as they speak on how being plus sized has impacted everything from work to relationships. It’s not all heavy stuff (no pun intended), your classic Bright and Facety one liners are there to stay. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep 006 | Body Goals
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  3. E004 | Girl Boss Behavior
  4. E003 | “Build-A-Male”
  5. E002 “What Do Men Want?”
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