Venus Steam: Business, Friendship and Success

The inspiration for this post struck me almost 12 months ago. Why? I am a firm believer in girl power and Venus Steam, Cayman’s first yoni steam spa embodies all that I perceive girl power to be. It’s owned by women, operated by women, for women. The fact that these are black women is simply icing on an already perfect cake.

I first went to Venus Steam when they operated out of a home in 2017. I had heard about yoni steaming on a reality show and as a PCOS/endometriosis warrior, relief from my deathly cramps and heavy periods was a no-brainer. The experience was comfortable, firstly because Kerri, one of the owners spoke to me like she was my best friend. She explained the purpose of the service which was more than just having a fresh cooch (but I mean really, is anything else necessary) and the actual holistic benefits of releasing negative energy from that entryway to your soul.

Fast forward to 2020 and Venus Steam has grown into its own space and owners Kerri and Stacy are often sold out. Introducing this particular service to an island like Cayman was a challenge in itself. As comfortable as we are to bawl out “skin out mi pum pum” in the middle of a dance floor, discussing feminine hygiene is still hard for our small society. Social media teemed with people who felt that they didn’t need such a thing and even resulted in a viral video parody. Stacy, the other half of Venus Steam and an equally kind spirit, said that this actually helped business.

What brought Kerri and Stacy together was a commonality many women have long bonded over – heartbreak. Kerri first began her own yoni steaming practice after a breakup and then introduced Staci to steaming after she too had to get over a relationship. When they both realised the transforming qualities of a simple thirty minute experience, they decided to go into business.

Now, Venus Steam houses eight custom chairs that are sanitized before each client, then filled with a custom blend of herbs. Steamers are able to come alone, or invite friends for a group steam. Each service includes a cocktail, fruit, gourmet cheese and crackers. Kerri and Stacy also sell organic feminine care products so that the yoni health experience can continue after the service is over.

As a client, I’ve seen improvement in my symptoms but I can honestly say that I go more for the relaxation these days. I’ve introduced a few friends to yoni steaming along the way as well who can relate as well. As long as Kerri and Stacy keep their business centred around girl power, I’m always there to be recharged.

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