I’m More Like Summer Walker Than I Thought

I don’t blog for likes. I started giving more of myself to my blogging because it was either this or die from holding in emotion. The fact that people like you have found and read my blog is an added bonus that I am very grateful for. However, the day I start doing this for you is the day I stop doing this.
Summer Walker has been slaughtered on social media for her aloof attitude which is truly social anxiety. People have been asking, “Well if this is so hard for you, why do it?” Fair question. While I am only assuming, Summer created for her. It was her outlet, her peace, her ability to release energy. The fact that people enjoyed her music and that a label saw her as a star was something that happened along the way. The minute the art became more than just her expression, she couldn’t handle it. Now – I will say she has some other, many other factors at play but in short, the art got away from her.

As a marketing professional, I do social media for a living – I know how to build a presence and a following. That is not what I want. I just want to write down, to lay down my emotional burdens, uplift others and make myself feel whole. Writing has always done that for me. I was pushed up front because I was vocal and could say the things people liked hearing. With that came the expectation for me to be the good girl and the voice of reason when in reality I want to disrupt and affect change.
When I write, I can say deeper, more meaningful things than when I speak. My behaviour isn’t limited to what people expect (and one day that won’t matter to me, but as of now it does), what I’m gagged against saying cause of the positions I hold and I can be Takiyah.
This evolved into a bit of a rant but my point is – thank you for reading this blog. I am no longer committing to a schedule or a plan. I am going to create what makes me feel and I hope that you will feel something too.

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