It was blissful.
Moonlight, and her vain self, stared at her reflection on the surface of the dark ocean.
The waves moved lazily as if it had been a long day, leaving us to stand on the shore without fear of being interrupted.
The stars were kind enough to tuck themselves behind the clouds so we would have privacy.
As if we would have noticed, as if I could have eyes for any being, celestial or otherwise, when you are there.
You pulled me to your side and I found a place that felt comfortable immediately, like a rib being reset into a cage.
We stood in silence but spoke in detail in those moments.
Your arm wrapped around my waist wouldn’t keep quiet about how well protected I was, it arrogantly pulled me closer as if I left any distance between us.
I rested my head in the crook of your neck and inhaled and lost my breath simultaneously, asphyxiation handing me to euphoria
Thankfully you kissed me to resuscitate me from what was sure to be my demise
So much so that I could feel my pulse change from treble to bass and thump deep down low
Still I couldn’t let you play that song on that instrument, not yet, just humming that tune already made me feel lightheaded.
It was enough to be there with you, cradled under your chin and being gently stroked at my middle like a violin.

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