Dear Takiyah: An Overdue Letter to Myself

I haven’t been the kindest to myself. I can really be mean to me. So in an effort to shake that vibe away, I decided to write myself a letter. I was inspired by a video I saw on BuzzFeed and decided to run with it so here goes…

Dear Takiyah,

You don’t give yourself enough credit. I see you want to heal everyone else then wonder why your own emotional IV bag is running dry. You are too kind to everyone but you. You are intelligent and so confident of that because you have been told you were all your life. What if no one says a word? Would you still believe it if everyone were to go completely silent?

Your power hasn’t been tapped into yet. Your dreams are more than just wishful thinking – you will be an author. You will get to tell your story, and the stories of other women in a platform too big for you to fathom. God has a major plan for you and your life – don’t ever forget it. He is with you always.

You are beautiful. Un-hunch those shoulders, sis. Smile at yourself more. No one else on this earth is made of the raw materials you are made up of. Being you is not easy. It’s not. That’s what is amazing about you. You are you and able to be you on the best and worst days, NO ONE ELSE CAN BE TAKIYAH.

You have been blessed with friends, family and a partner who all love you. But, it’s all for nothing if you don’t love you. I know you are a hopeless romantic and I know that the greatest love story you can ever write will be the one where you tell everyone how you learned to love you better.

Quit explaining yourself. You have enough of an internal debate between your heart and your head. You don’t need validation from anyone else but the Lord above and He has given you all His expectations in word form – He’s a writer too.

I love you,

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