We HAVE to Stop Fighting Over Men – Seriously

Before I go off on a tangent, please know that even I, have had to pray for strength when another woman appeared a little too friendly with my significant other. With maturity, I’ve learned to look to who I made the commitment to, and who made the commitment to me in that situation. He was either apologetic or justified by the fact there wasn’t much commitment on his end. The issue is never the other woman (unless it’s a true fatal attraction situation and in that case, there are restraining orders).

Now, besides the fact that I am so very averse to assault charges, I simply do not see the value in investing time and energy to defend a man’s honour when he should be protecting mine. Much like Trump’s wall, putting a barrier over one port of entry would do nothing if he truly wanted to let someone in.

I also acknowledge that finding out that the person you love even has the capability of being unfaithful can be a true psychological battle. You want to blame everyone else because you are convinced that your love acted out of their own accord. The power of choice is what separates us from animals in the jungle. Coming to terms with the fact that someone conscientiously broke an agreement to be monogamous can be maddening.

What we as women cannot do is continue to choose each other as the problem. Imagine a world where we did not compromise for the sake of getting some kind of affection. Emotions do run high but the older I get, the more saddening to see or hear of women fighting over men. We have to worry about glass ceilings, less pay, motherhood, menstruation – why do we have to make enemies out of the only other people who relate to our exact struggle?

The love that is worth fighting for won’t come at such a price. So before you start another altercation – make sure you aren’t building a wall where he is ready to put a ladder.

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