2019: The Year of Bravery

I made this blog with the intent to make money after hitting what I felt was a financial slump. Naturally, this has been slow to launch because once money became the motivation, producing content became so much harder. It was no longer my thoughts, just thoughts – the hot topic of the moment, spiels about what marketing millennials should and shouldn’t do – just sh*t if I am being absolutely honest.

It took me reading Girlboss one more time and having a real come to Jesus moment to accept this – I am a creator, it is what I am, who I am and why I am. The minute I try to colour inside the lines my work becomes generic.

So here I am, resigned to the fact that I WILL create full-time because it is my purpose and trusting that the profit will come later. I am chasing a dream, that I admit. I want people to read my work and FEEL. The issue with the world we live in now is it all set up for us. We are programmed to arbitrarily like something or scroll past it. Well I say no. People who visit this blog, TakiyahChanel.com, come here to read, think and then create their own sh*t after. Whether it is a tweet saying “ugh Takiyah just be talking” or a vlog rebutting every point I made, I want to push that first domino.

I know that takes me stepping out of my comfort zone a bit. For example, my IG account for this blog is bare as bones right now because I just don’t do aesthetically pleasing things. I also want to make sure this energy is not the synthetic vibe that comes around the first week in January. What I know for sure is, I don’t create for any other reason besides the fact that I was born to do it. So here is to 2019, my bravest year – I hope that it will be yours too.

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