Pro-Life, Pro-Choice – Opinion vs. Experience

I have this nervous tick where I wipe imaginary sweat off my brow when I am thinking of something that weighs heavily on me. When a Facebook friend posted on his feed #AbortionisMurder, my hand instantly went to my forehead and I tried to rub my own memories out of my skull. The preliminary detailsContinue reading “Pro-Life, Pro-Choice – Opinion vs. Experience”

I’m Fasting From Throwing Shade – Indefinitely

If Nene Leakes and RuPaul were to have a Caribbean love child – her name would be Takiyah. Nothing gives me more joy than playing the dozens. I wish I could give an example but it doesn’t work like that for me. I am somewhat of a trampoline where the information comes to my mindContinue reading “I’m Fasting From Throwing Shade – Indefinitely”

Being Grateful Doesn’t Mean I Owe You Something

I won’t bore you too much with the details of how my current love and I met. We’re from a small place and always knew of each other, it was just happenstance that made us, us. Two years later, we’ve built something pretty awesome. Don’t get me wrong, we face all the challenges that millennialContinue reading “Being Grateful Doesn’t Mean I Owe You Something”

I Am A Woman, Not Oxtail – Fighting “Pressure Pot” Syndrome

I remember coming home from school to the comforting hiss of my grandmother’s immortal pressure pot (cooker for my American friends) many afternoons. I would love to see the top dance and spin as the steam propelled it in circular motions until the meal, normally my grandmother’s famous oxtail and broad beans, was done. AllContinue reading “I Am A Woman, Not Oxtail – Fighting “Pressure Pot” Syndrome”