Planning Your Passion Project: It is Written

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Today is the day. You have identified what you need to do to bring fulfillment and joy to your life. You are filled to the brim with ideas, dreams and creative fuel to put behind them. You can already see what your end goal will be – you just have no clue where to start. In this series, I will share my best tips for starting, beginning and ending your “passion project” – the life-changing event that you feel will place you exactly where you want to be.

Step One: Write It Down
As a writer, things don’t seem real for me until they are written in black and white. This goes for every aspect of my life, including my romantic relationship, where I did not consider us to be “official” until he explicitly detailed his desire for commitment via text. For me, writing is the first true transition of an idea from mere thought to a true possibility.

In writing my idea out, I try not to be whimsical about it. I want this to become real and I want it to happen in a certain amount of time. “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” was for the girls who had fairy godmothers – not me. For example, I have a goal of mentoring thirty kids from my alma mater who are at risk of missing graduation from October 2018 through June 2019. Now that I have set this goal using a real timeline, I can hold myself accountable for its success. Had I just said “I want to improve my community”, I could have picked up a few pieces of litter and went home feeling content.

This goal, like I hope yours will be, is a great one that will have an impact on everyone it involves. Your goals, and the people they will affect, deserve your best effort from the beginning. So step one – initiate the project by stating what it is you truly are setting out to do.

Exercise: Write the goal down using that SMART language we have heard so much about and post it somewhere you will see it every day. For me, I use Canva to create custom wallpaper I can use on my laptop and phone screen.

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